Instrument Repairs

With in-house repair technicians, we offer a variety of services and repairs for stringed instruments, from general setups, to complete restrings and any other service your instrument may require.

Please note this list does not include all the services and repairs we do on instruments, it is only a general listing of repairs most commonly requested.


Complete Restrings

Electric/Electro-Acoustic/Acoustic Guitar — £18.00 (includes standard strings)

Classical Guitar Restring — £20.00 (included standard nylon strings)

Complete Violin/Viola/Cello Restring — £15.00 (plus cost of strings)


Guitar Repairs

Setups — From £60.00 (strings not included)
This includes truss rod adjustment, action adjustment, intonation, fingerboard cleaned and oiled, frets polished, electronics, tightening screws and bolts, cleaning and polishing the guitar.

Electronics — From £30.00 (plus parts)
Services such as new jack socket, new volume or tone pot, new switch, pickup replacements for acoustic or electric guitars, complete rewire, or pickup installation.